Current Projects

    • RUPA SOLITAIRE is placed in Millennium Business Park, the special IT HUB developed by MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation -A development authority by State Government of Maharashtra);at Mahape, Navi Mumbai on Thane-Panvel-Pune Expressway.

      The location advantages are added due to well developed infrastructure with 24/7 work culture in the vicinity and very close supporting urban development of Thane & Navi Mumbai.

      Many IT Companies (Indian and Multi National) are already established /working in this vicinity and Companies like Reliance, Mastek, Global Logistics are immediate neighbors of RUPA SOLITAIRE.

    • Nearest urban areas/Townships/nodes are: Koparkhairane, Ghansoli and Vashi-Navi Mumbai within 5.0 to 8.0 kms radius.

      Railway:Harbour Railway line of Central Railway,(Main Public Transport System of Mumbai Metropolis) is linking Thane, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai across the Thane creek and Panvel

      Nearest Railway Stations: Koparkhairane(1.5km), Ghansoli(1km) & Vashi (8Km)

      AIRPORT: Existing Domestic and International airports in Mumbai are approx.30.0 kms. Proposed International airport near Panvel approx. 25kms

      PORTS: MUMBAI PORT and Jawaharlal Nehru port at Nhava Sheva

      BUS DEPOT: VASHI-9kms; Mahape 2kms. Public Transport Bus routes are available with BEST, ST, NMMT, TMT connecting Thane, townships/nodes in Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Eastern &Western Suburbs and main island city of Mumbai.

      Auto Rikshaw stand is within 5 minutes walking distance from the building

      Highway/Expressway connection approx ¼ km

      FIRE STATION: Mahape (approx. 3.0 kms) Vashi( 8.0 kms)

      POLICE STATION: Rabale, Turbhe approx. 3.0 kms.

      GENERAL HOSPITALS: Airoli, Vashi within 7.0 to 8.0 kms. Private hospitals are available in the nearby vicinity of 2.0 kms

      POST OFFICE, ELECTRIC complaint centre, Banks ATM Centers, Fast food/eatables stalls and other ancillary services etc. are available within campus of Millennium Business Park

      HOTELS/LODGING & BOARDING: All category facilities are available at Mahape and Vashi


      Basic principles of VASTU are considered.

      Variety of offices with minimum columns and having large spans at right angles, provide optimum space utilization, flexibility and high efficiency in Interior space design to meet the requirements of individual.

      Floor to floor height is 3680mm (approx, 12’-0”) and Clear height from finished floor to underside of ceiling is 3400mm (approx 11’-2”) The building is having two basements Ground +16 Floors inclusive of two refuge floors.

      The main entrances with height about 11.70 mts (38’-4”) at either ends and Triple height terraces at few floors above add identity to the building block.

      Office floors are finished with bedding coat (IPS) for convenience of designing the services at floor level to meet the requirements of user. The walls, ceilings etc are finished with gypsum.

      Cross ventilation, ample natural light and uninterrupted external views are the salient features as the offices are planned above stilt at ground floor. Plinth height is 1.35 met (4’6”) from average finished ground level

      Every office has access to two staircases and minimum two lifts.

      27 Nos. high speed lifts of international standard & brand (SCHINDLER) and 14 nos staircases are provided for vertical transportation, making most convenient easy

      access to individual offices, reducing waiting period, walking distances and crowd in lobbies.

      At every floor level min.2.0 m wide Corridors for horizontal access are well linked to different lift & staircase lobbies.

      Specially designed services cores around each staircase i.e. Fire duct, Electrical Duct, Data duct.etc.

      Each office, small or large, has independent toilet unit (Gents & Ladies), pantry space, AHU and service platforms.

      Systematic provision for utilities and services with optimum use of space, without compromise to corridors, lobbies and atriums has been considered Two basements and ground surrounding the building provide ample parking space. The basements have 6.0 m wide ramps with gentle gradient (1:10) for ease in driving, separate for entry & exit at different location to eliminate congestion near entry/exit points at ground level.

      Large sized DGU structural glazing system (full floor height size glass panel) is provided for external envelope for ample light and uninterrupted view of outside.

      Five Atriums and central courtyard (open to sky) link the corridors and offices, provide cross ventilation and change the quality & scale of ambience. Two refuge floors (at 7th & 11th Floor level) and corridors add services to the office block.

      Full utilization of spaces without compromise to the convenience, quality and comfort are well considered in the design.


      The building is designed as Earthquake Resistant RCC structure adhering to the requirements of IS Codes.

      Entire RCC work is with rich grade of concrete (minimum M35 or more) as per design requirements.

      Variety of offices with minimum columns and having large spans at right angles, provide optimum space utilization, flexibility and high efficiency to meet the requirements of user

      Basic structure is a frame structure with columns & beams with large spans and Post Tensioned slabs, provide sufficient space for services above normal working space (considering min clear height 2500mm /2700mm below false ceiling.)

      POST TENSIONED SLAB panels are designed and executed by M/S. VSL INDIA Ltd.

      The floor plate is designed for LIVE LOAD OF 500Kgs/Sq. Met. of floor area.

      High specifications in materials and extremely controlled quality workmanship in entire execution has been observed.
    • Total underground water storage provision is 8.0 Lac Lts (Fire-3.42 Lac Lts), for regular water supply

      Separate water storage tanks are provided at terrace level above staircase blocks for Fire Fighting system, Domestic and Flushing

      Each office is provided with specially designed and finished Wash rooms for Gents & Ladies, with high standard fittings & fixtures, false ceiling. Each office has own Pantry with granite platform, SS Sink, space for utilities and storage.

      Specially designed washrooms/toilet blocks are provided at Ground Floor level for general users, visitors and handicapped persons Provisions of Rain Harvesting system is provided with recharging pits.

      Entire internal plumbing system is concealed and external down take system is open and easily accessible from service platforms provided outside toilet blocks.

    • Power supply arrangement for the complex: Total power available is 12000KW for Offices and 1,000KW for Common services.

      MSEDCL Metering arrangement at Low Tension is provided in meter rooms (separate for individual office) at Upper Basement/ Ground Floor level. 100% Power supply back up arrangement through DG Sets for offices fed to individual change over power panel by sandwich type bus Ducts. Automatic Supply change over arrangement with Auto power Transfer Switches at Panel room level itself. The office occupants are not required to operate any supply change-over switches.

      Lightning Protection System with latest contemporary technology is provided for entire complex.

      Earthing: Adequate no of Earthing Stations are provided to take care of individual office requirements (Air-conditioning, Lighting, Server, etc.) and common services of the building. Earthing pits are specially designed, bored & cased and provided with Earthing rods with BFC40kg
    • Dedicated service ducts are provided for Electrical, Data, Telecommunication services for individual office.

      Each office will be provided with facility for Landline Telephone connection, Intercom connection (connected through EPABX for building complex) and data cables etc.

      ‘TURNKEY IBS Solution for GSM / CDMA / UMTS / WiMAX Coverage’ is provided as telecom infrastructure.
    • Surveillance cameras are considered at strategic locations and monitoring 24x7 through Central Security Station. Centrally operated Public Address system for communication in case of emergency is considered.
    • The building has been designed with outer envelope, formed with Structural glazing and Aluminium Composite Panels.

      The system is designed to withstand high wind pressure of 190kg/m2

      Unitized system, with four barrier gaskets for higher performance towards leakage and improved thermal efficiency.

      High performing Double glass units (from SAINT GOBAIN – ‘KT-755’) for better thermal & acoustical requirement.

      More day light utilization (light transmission 35%) and energy saving glass with low emission value (1.9w/m2.k)

      Meeting Leed Platinum requirement of 2.6w/m2k

      Full height large panels (finished floor to finished ceiling after services), give obstruction free outside view and visually connects internal space with outside.

      ACP cladding is being done with one of the best international brand ALUBOND. Green Building Certified material with Fire Resistant properties, mineral filled core material.

      All structural components/aluminum sections are specially designed and manufactured as per project requirement sexy prom dresses to meet expected international standards by “M/S. European Façade Products”.

      Specially designed Façade Access/ cleaning system from ELF – motorized twin track cradle system is provided at terrace level, for façade cleaning to cover the entire envelope of the building without hindrance to the internal working.
    • The Fire fighting system consists of

      1. 1 Wet risers and fire Hydrant system
      2. 2 Automic Sprinkler system
      3. 3 Automic Smoke Detection & Fire Alarm system
      4. 4 Public Address System with Talk back facility
      5. 5 Portable Fire Appliances.

      The entire system has network covering two basements, ground to 16 floors, terrace and surrounding area at ground level.

      The entire building including two basements, Lift and staircase lobbies, common area and individual offices are provided with automatic sprinkler system, smoke detection system & manual Fire Alarm System.

      The entire building is provided with Public Address System with fire alarm control panel located at central control station to communicate with building occupants in case of emergency.
  • Floor Plan
Rupa Solitaire Park
Location :Millenium Business
Area :12,00,000 sq.ft
Year : 2008 to 2010